"Let's root for each other and watch each other grow"

Hi, I am Jonathan Ryall,

my journey into carpentry started at a very young age, having enjoyed working with my hands for as long as I can remember, and especially working with wood. As a child I would wile away my spare time making rafts and dens.


I've always loved everything about trees, from the vast array of species, each with their unique and smell, texture and composition, to the breath taking landscape and atmosphere they create. 

From sculpture to green oak framing, with a variety of skills in between, I am a creative craftsman that is passionate about Read and Ryall being an ethical business. We consider our processes from the cradle to the grave for each product we produce. 

Dorset is my home and we want to do all that we can to preserve and care for the land that we dwell on.

Hello, I am Hannah Read, I'm an Artist, Designer and Intuitive guide. My inspiration comes from the natural world, it's people, our stories and the spaces we inhabit. I am passionate about the positive effects of nature on health and wellbeing and our need to connect back with the planet, ourselves and each other. 
I am an empath and an enabler and so it has always been in my nature to want to help people.  After completing my degree in Fine Art and Visual Culture where I was creating installations and performance about the permanence of space and the traces we leave behind, 
I then pursued my desire to help people by working in care, education and mental health settings where I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Having been struck by how under valued creativity is and how little we invest in the importance of spending time in nature, I would find myself creating spaces and activities to give people access to these things, knowing how valuable they are in improving functional ability, health and wellbeing. 
I am passionate about the benefits of meditation, mindful activity and creative acts on the human condition, I wish to share the knowledge that I have gained through my own unique expression.  
Helping people to create their own little sanctuaries to connect, play or relax is our mission as we know these to be the most important things in life. 
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Life is a journey...

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