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The suns shining, let's get together!!


It's been a while but we're back, now with two children in tow!

It's been a wild few years, we've hunkered down, gestated, designed, built and birthed, and that's not including the babies! No seriously we might have been a bit quiet online but there's been a lot happening in the background and it's about time to share some of our creations and reconnect just in time for some much needed sunshine.

As the rays shine down here in Dorset we are eager to get together, connect and spend some quality time with loved ones, friends and who ever else what's to sit round one of our beautiful Oak tables and have a good old fashioned knees up!

Whats better than a leisurely lunch, with drinks and conversation flowing after the year(s) we've had. I think we deserve it don't you?!

So if you fancy hoping on our band wagon, sorry, table. Let's make some magic happen so you're ready for some sunshine celebrations in style. Just give us a shout, we would love to work with you.

Maybe you've got a tree down on your land after the recent stormy weather and you fancy doing something with it? we love giving trees that might other wise be chipped or burnt a new lease of life. If you don't have a spare tree at your disposal, that's ok we also know some marvellous local woodsmen with tree's a plenty.

Here at Read and Ryall we are passionate about sustainable design and we like to keep it super local when it comes to timber so you can breath a sigh of relief, sit back and get excited about having a special locally sourced table for your loved ones to share the celebrations round.

Our beautifully sculpted Oak tables are crafted out of one tree, giving them unique shape, colour and composition every time.

If we're going to be spending some special time together after all these months we think you deserve a pretty special table to sit round!

Let's get this party started!

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07437 058821


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