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Spaces to breathe

Bespoke woodwork, creating sustainable spaces to reconnect

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Spaces and structures that let you simply be

Sculpture and furniture 

Mud Kitchens, sensory spaces 

Beautiful, innovative, sustainable design
that looks after you, your family and the planet.

Spaces to breathe




Hannah Read is an Artist, Designer and intuitive guide and Jonathan Ryall is a highly skilled Carpenter, Sculptor and Designer.
Together they are a creative force of nature.
It is their wish to bring you more

"spaces to breathe". 

We understand the importance of the little things in life;
  • time spent with loved ones
  • quiet time for ourselves
  • time for natural play, being outdoors, reconnecting with earth.
We can see the ever increasing need for breathing space in our fast paced, busy, modern lives and we understand the incredible benefits of spending time in nature. 
We embarked on our journey together knowing that our combined knowledge and skills have an important roll to play relieving some of the stress and anxiety people feel in our increasingly busy lives.
By creating 'spaces to breathe' we hope to create a sanctuary for you and your family that encourages play, quiet or space for sharing, we believe each of these elements are essential in improving our overall wellbeing. 












We will captivate your imagination, working with you to create unique design for your individual needs.


  • We believe in the importance of having access to experience the natural world.

  • We believe everyone needs their own space to simply be.

  • We believe in dreaming big. 

  • We believe in innovative design that works with nature

  • We produce high quality, hand crafted products

  • We only use the highest quality responsibly sourced, sustainable timber.

  •  Where possible our timber is locally sourced, storm and flood wood or reclaimed timber.  


 Lets talk

Mews Cottage,

Mill Lane, 


Blandford Forum




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